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Real life examples:
    Real customer number #1 – Property in Stockton Ca. One of the hardest
    hit areas in the STATE of California. 148.05% LTV. $292,000.00 loan
    amount. Payment dropping by $372.22 bucks a MONTH. NO appraisal
    required. Customer told Loan Officer that without this opportunity,
    they would have lost their home and destroyed their credit.





    Real customer number #2 – Property located in Antioch, Ca. Perhaps TIED
    with Stockton, Ca. as one of the hardest hit areas in the State of
    California. 144.39% LTV. $345,000.00 loan amount. Payment dropping by
    $386.70 per month. NO appraisal required. From start to finish we
    closed the transaction in 24 days from the APPLICATION date. 24 Days!

   Real customer number #3 – Property located in Pittsbur, CA.
    149.5 LTV. $140,000.00 loan amount. Payment dropping $189.00 per

    Property types include, second homes AND Non-Owner.